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What Contributes To Male Infertility – Talk To The Best Urologist Doctor in Kolkata


A growing body of research has shown about 10% of couples worldwide are infertile. Many reasons together or individually can trigger the reproductive tract irrespective of gender. For instance, smoking tobacco regularly with time brings damage to the genetic components of eggs and the same to the sperm. And if this practice keeps continuing, fertility issues will not be surprising.

There are several signs of infertility in men that you can identify if you remain attentive to your health. However, the most classic indication is an inability to impregnate your female partner. If you’ve been struggling with this issue, come forward and seek expert consultation now. Schedule your medical appointment and get optimal care from the most successful urologist inKolkata.


Understanding the Contributing Factors for Male Infertility

Given below are the factors that can trigger your reproductive health:

1)   Substance Dependency

Men with drug use or excessive consumption of alcohol have a greater risk of fertility complications. Spontaneous use of both legal and illicit drugs, like – marijuana, cocaine, supplemental testosterone, opiates, anabolic steroids – can result in low sperm production or poor sperm quality.

On the other hand, drinking too much alcohol can influence testosterone levels. In addition, it not only affects the amount of testosterone but also raises estrogen levels in your body. And this imbalance is alarming for reproductive wellbeing.

2)   Tobacco Consumption

Whether you chew or smoke tobacco, it increases your risk factors for multiple diseases to come to your life. Out of all these health issues, infertility is one that is closely associated with tobacco consumption.

Studies have documented with excessive smoking, the likelihood of decreased sperm motility, sperm DNA damage, impaired sperm quality increases significantly.

3)   Obesity

Increased body weight can decrease the level of testosterone hormone. At the same time, a higher BMI (body mass index) in men produces low sperm count and motility.

Plus, extra body weight in men causes a decline in sperm production by turning testosterone hormone into estrogen (the female hormone).

4)   Exposure to Environmental & Industrial Materials

Being around heavy metal or chemicals, painting materials, pesticides over time can be alarming for your reproductive health. In case that your condition remains untreated, it may lead to infertility later on.

Different studies have made prolonged heavy metal exposure responsible for causing male infertility.

5)   Elevated Stress Levels

Yes, extreme stress levels can hinder fertility in men. When you’re mentally disturbed, you’re less likely to concentrate on other things in life. Medical data put forward – out of extreme stress levels, your body releases a hormone called glucocorticoids which can upset the concentration of testosterone. Step forward and ask for medical consultation from your andrologist doctor in Kolkata.

With apt diagnosis coupled with the best quality medical treatment, you can expect a healthy recovery from the complication. Besides medical treatment, focus on a productive lifestyle in order to help remain your health in a good state.

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