Heal Priapism Under The Best Andrologist Doctor

Heal Priapism Under The Best Andrologist Doctor


Typically, erections occur during sexual arousal, in which proper blood flow reaches the penis. The arteries become relaxed, therefore, expand, causing an erection. While on the contrary, priapism is a condition that takes place without such stimulation.

Simply put, priapism is when an erection stays longer than expected. Trapped blood in the penis may result in penile pain. The pain may get worsen, requiring emergency assistance. Doctors rule out whether it’s ischemic or non-ischemic priapism. In order to avail of optimal care, reach out to the top andrologist doctor in Kolkata.


It’s Time To Speak With Your Doctor


Knowing the Types

The classifications of priapism involve:

Ischemic Priapism: Another term is low-flow priapism which refers to a blood lodge in the penis. Little to no cavernosal blood flow that lasts more than 4 hours requires a fast medical helping hand. An individual might be healthy but get this concern. Plus, individuals with sickle-cell disease or leukemia are likely to develop it.

Non-Ischemic Priapism: Also termed high flow priapism, is relatively uncommon than low-flow priapism. Trauma or injury to the penis or between the region of the anus and scrotum, known as the perineum, leads to issues with proper blood circulation in the penile arteries.

Signs and Symptoms of Priapism

Symptoms depend upon the type. For ischemic priapism, symptoms include:

  • Erection staying for more than four hours unassociated with sexual stimulation
  • Inflexible penile shaft with soft glans tip
  • Penile pain that worsens with time

For non-ischemic priapism, signs can be:

  • Prolonged erection without sexual interest
  • May/may not cause pain
  • Not a completely firm penile shaft

What Leads to Priapism?

Shifts in the normal blood flow to the penis can be responsible for causing an erection to persist. The possible reasons for priapism revolve around the following conditions:

  • Sickle Cell Anemia is a blood disorder that can turn a man more sensitive to priapism. This medical condition causes red blood cells to break down.
  • Thalassemia is another blood disorder, an inherited one, in which the body produces a fewer amount of alpha-globin, the component of hemoglobin.
  • Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects blood-forming tissue, involving the lymphatic system and bone marrow. Much remains undiscovered about the exact reason for leukemia development.
  • Certain medications may bring about priapism, including specific types of injected meds to treat erectile dysfunction, blood thinners, antidepressants, and testosterone-releasing hormone.
  • Injury is the most common cause of non-ischemic priapism.
  • Alcohol use/drug dependency (cocaine, marijuana) may put an individual (male) at risk of priapism.


Healing Of Priapism


Other factors that can increase the likelihood of this medical concern are spinal cord trauma, gout, or spider bite. Seeking medical guidance is of much importance. As early health detection ensures healthy healing, it prevents complications from occurring.

In order to evaluate the condition, a specialist may conduct a physical examination, including a medical review of health history. The doctor may order further tests and diagnostic procedures, such as – blood tests, penile blood gas measurements, and ultrasound. Reaching out to the leading andrologist and urologist in Kolkata can be utterly beneficial.

Treatment may rest on the type and extremity of the situation. Doctors may suggest surgical intervention, intracavernous injection, aspiration, or medication. Non-ischemic priapism often heals without medical interference. Get medical assistance at the earliest so as to have a better recovery.

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